Primary recovery of heavy oil fields

The value of our Binary Mixture thermal recovery methods in heavy oil / bitumen deposits lies mostly in the ability to significantly reduce viscosity and increase oil production rate as a result of heating up the producing reservoir (oil and rock formations).

For example, when heavy oil with an API specific gravity of 15.9 is heated up by 100 Kelvin, its viscosity is reduced approximately 16 times! This means that the output theoretically can be increased 16 times if the other conditions remain the same.

During the reaction of one ton of BM containing 0.25–0.3 tons of water several times as much heat is released into the layer as in the case of using  one  ton  of  steam.  BM reaction products cause 10 –20 times lower irrigation of the layer than steam technologies.

In addition, our BM technology can be used in larger depth than Steam recovery methods, which are typically not effective below depths of 1000 Meters.

Please read the technical description to get more details on how the technology benefits the recovery of heavy oil / bitumen deposits and how it can compete with other Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies.