Technology: Application

Binary mixture technology can be used in a variety of application procedures.

The simplest form is the cyclic injection, which consists of three stages. The first stage is the injection of the chemicals through dedicated tubes. The second stage, or soak phase, requires that the well be shut in for 24h to several days to allow full reaction of the chemicals and uniform heat distribution within the sell / formation. The third stage is the production of the oil through the same well as the injection. This process can be repeated until the reservoir around the well is depleted.

Binary mixtures can be applied to a five spot or inverted five spot for continuous treatment with the chemicals.

Similar to a steam assisted gravity drive (SAGD), a binary mixture assisted gravity drive can be performed. This is in particular useful for thick heavy oil formations.

All three of the above techniques have one ting in common in that the chemicals remain in stable conditions on the surface and are only mixed in the well itself. This process avoids thermal losses and minimizes effects to the environment.