Binary mixtures: Cyclic injection

Stage 1

Both chemicals of the binary mixtures - together with initiators, catalysts, and chemicals to control the reaction process - are injected through dedicated tubes and as liquids injected to the formation. As chemicals are in liquid form, pump pressure is comparable to an acid treatment of the well.

No handling or mixing of the chemicals is performed on surface but only at the well head.

The chemical start to react in the formation and produce both heat and gases..


Cyclic injection stage 1


Stage 2

The well is shut in, while pressure and temperature in the formation are monitored. The well remains in this stage until a uniform distribution of heat is achieved in the formation. This stage is called soak phase as well.

Cyclic injection stage 2


Stage 3

During the third stage, the heated and thinned oil is produced through the same well as the treatment has been performed.

Cyclic injection stage 3


The cyclic injection can be used for both heavy oil fields as well as mature wells. It represents the the treatment method with the lowest upfront cost but often does not achieve the same efficiency as a five spot.


Case studies

  • Usinsk: 30 year old field of Lukoil with abandoned production. BM injection reactivated filed
  • Texas: 20 year old field that was inactive for nearly 10 years. Cyclic BM injection applied after general filed work over